The Right Fit for your Business

With XPAL by your side, rest assured you have the right partner with the knowledge and experience to grow your business. We pride ourselves on customer service, making sure we work closely with you to fit your business model’s manufacturing needs for portable power.

Own Design Manufacturer

You provide the design and engineering specifications and XPAL manufactures the product.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

We take our existing product, rebrand it with your logo then distribute the product based on your go-to-market strategy.

License Manufacturer

XPAL will license your brand, manufactures and distributes the finished products into select channels and markets.

Joint Development Manufacturer

You provide the design and specifications for the product, XPAL engineers and develops the power solution.

XPAL Inside is a partnership – NOT a supplier relationship.

This is mandatory for long term profitable growth. We provide a robust group and system to deliver quality products.

Powering Innovation

XPAL Power is a driving force in powering the global technology revolution. With XPAL Inside® technologies, users are guaranteed a charge they can trust.

The Idea

Our experienced team will share their knowledge and knowhow, working directly with you to strengthen and grow your ideas, creating the best possible product that’s manufacture ready.


We draw from a team of talented professionals and state-of-the-art resources to solve the most difficult challenges in form, material, and function; resulting in truly innovative products.


With 75,0000 sqft of manufacturing space, we are a top global producer in the portable power industry. Our automated, patented technologies and stream line systems let us maximize efficiency without increasing cost.


Our responsibility goes beyond simply getting the product to your customer on-time. We aim to deliver a brand-worthy experience, all the way from packaging to customized services, keeping your customers engaged and satisfied.

Go-To Market

Let XPAL be a seamless extension of your brand. Our flexible approach and creative marketing resources can strategically take your finished product to market with ease.

Select Projects

While some prominent companies of all sizes team up with us, the following are some well known names you are sure to recognize.



PowerSkin Spare


"Working with the XPAL Power team gives us the comfort that we are partnering with industry experts in this complex product category. The entire team at XPAL has shown that they stand behind the product from an aesthetic and functional point of view to give the consumer a TUMI quality experience. Our consumers demand it and Tumi in partnership with XPAL deliver it."


Technology Partners

We collaborate with innovative companies, the following are some of our strategic technology partners.